Podcast 000

Podcast 000

podcast 000

We believe to learn something, you need to know more than just technical info. Learning from others experiences can be a tremendous help to one’s career. This episode is about getting started: how difficult it can be, experiences we’re scared of encountering, and how to push through the fear and finally get started.


Well, here it is! The very first podcast we ever recorded. We were really inspired by our friend and colleague Christian Cummings and his podcast “After The Session” (subscribe on iTunes). It’s a collection of conversations with leaders in the audio industry. Rather than focusing on tech and gear and too much nerd-alert content, the conversations focus on stories, experiences, and personal philosophies.

Oh, by the way, I mentioned iTunes earlier… Well, you can now subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and Stitcher! More outlets coming soon… If you are an iTunes user, give us a good review, if you like what you hear.


Until next time!

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