Voice Recording Bootcamp Master Class teaches you how to produce your own world-class voice over recordings outside of a professional studio. This 7 module course takes you through the entire production process: from creating a recording space, finding the right gear for you, the best ways to record and edit, all the way through the final effects and processing that will give your voice a polished, professional sound

To complete this course, you’ll need access to a computer and the internet, recording software (we recommend Audacity because it’s free), and the drive to see it through.

 In this course, you will learn:

  • How your recording space affects your sound, and simple ways to fix it.

  • The equipment you need and how to use it.

  • How to turn your computer into a recording powerhouse.

  • How to produce audio like a professional, including editing and sound enhancement techniques.

  • Listening and self-coaching techniques, turning you into your own producer.

And at the end of the course you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion.


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