The ONE site you should join to sell your voice.


The ONE site you should join to sell your voice.

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As I continue along my voice over journey, I’ve been wondering: what’s the ONE site I should join to sell my voice? It’s a simple enough question. Voice123 and are the big kahunas in the industry, providing access to the highest quality projects. But each site costs nearly $400 per year to access! Sure, you can sign up on each of them for free, but who’s actually landed a VO gig from that?


As a young pup just getting into the voice over industry, I joined Voice123. I thought, “Hey, if I just land one job I can make my money back!” WRONG. I wasn’t ready then. My audio quality was terrible. My auditions were lousy. Pretty quickly, I gave up on the site and kissed that $395 goodbye. Now that I’m a touch older, have attended voice over classes and workouts, and understand how important high quality audio -- even for auditions -- can be, I’m having better luck.


By the way, if you’ve been wondering what EXACTLY you need to produce high enough quality audio to sell your voice, we’ll be hosting a FREE webinar in June. We’ll give more details in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.


So, what’s the ONE site I should join? More and more it seems that the answer is ALL. There is no “one site” that will get you all of your VO income. Each one has its own features and faults. Voice123 gives you access to some great jobs! But you can’t audition for all of the potential gigs you’re sent. I mean YOU CANNOT. Voice123 will send you less and less gigs if you audition too much. Also, if you audition too little! So, how can you find that Goldilocks sweet spot? I’m not sure. But so far I’m averaging 1 hire for every 15 auditions. And while that’s a pretty good average, it took me 3 weeks and 20 auditions to finally land my first gig. So, if it takes me 3 weeks to land each job, there’s no way Voice123 is going to provide a steady income. It gives me access to bigger clients, and could lead to steady work from some of them, but I’m not going to quit my day job for it just yet. is very similar to Voice123 in price and service. And while I don’t know if they restrict the amount of auditions you send out (not a member yet), what I do know is that they don’t pay as well as Voice123. There’s been a big uproar recently over their payment practices. Check out this blog to learn more Basically, is charging the client a fee for services AND taking a cut of the projected budget, leaving the VO talent with less money. And that’s ON TOP of the escrow fee they charge to guarantee your payment.


Then there’s Upwork, my dear sweet Upwork, and Fiverr. These sites pay pennies when compared to what you could get on the two bigger sites. For the most part, clients are expecting fully finished, produced audio. So, if you’re expecting to make $100 to $300 per hour, think again. That being said, I’ve been making some good money on Upwork. Again, nothing I’d quit my day job for, but it’s bringing in a nice side income while I try for the bigger jobs. The trick is to look for shorter jobs (word count under 5,000 unedited, under 1,000 to 2,000 words edited) that pay an hourly rate you can live with. For example, one of my regular clients sends me scripts that take 40 minutes to record for $30, no editing required. That’s $30 an hour! Not a bad rate. Of course, compared to the $150 I’ve made for 5 minutes of recording, it’s nothing. But still. Another Upwork job I did recently paid $350 for a 20,000 word script. Yikes! But because my reading, recording, and editing game is so ON POINT, my hourly rate averaged out to about $37. Again, not too shabby for a working slob. And I’d still take time out of my day to do auditions for the big pay-to-play site.


And while I haven’t gotten into Fiverr yet, I like the idea that there’s no auditioning required at all! Your profile is just up on the site and clients can hire you at will. As long as your production is fast and efficient -- while maintaining your quality standards -- you can average out a decent hourly wage.


So, what ONE site should you join to make money online? Well, that depends on how much time you have to put into it and how much you want to get out of it.

What is your favorite job site?