Weddings and Music!

Deb here! Scott and I got together the other week to chat a little about what’s been going on in our lives. And since Scott got married over the summer, that was obviously at the top of our list. There was a lot of fun stuff to share, like the elopement to Canada, the reception party with family and friends (including a David Bowie flash mob!), and a shout out from one of the newly weds’ favorite podcasts, Deb & Courtney’s Mixtape! (No relation.) This led us to a fun conversation about podcasts and how fun, impactful, and inspiring they can be.

And since we were talking about podcasts, we had to give our own shout out to our friends at Your Money, Your Wealth, a weekly radio show and podcast that I work on. Every week, I get to meet up with two of the funnest people in the world, Joe Anderson and Big Al Clopine as they discuss the latest in the financial world and share tips and tricks for building wealth in retirement. What I love about them is they’re not all doom-and-gloom or manically giving stock tips. Instead they share their knowledge and wisdom as a CFP and CPA in a calm, friendly, funny way that makes finances actually accessible. They’re kind of like Car Talk for finances, which is pretty great.

I also got to sit down with composer and sound designer Paul Nawrocki of Fringe Audio. Paul is engaged to an old friend of mine from elementary school, Maegan. We reconnected in the past few years, and it’s been a blast spending time with her again. When Paul and I found out that we both work in the same business, we dove right in to comparing stories and experiences. It was too much fun to keep to myself. So, we hooked up through Skype and laid down this interview.

Otherwise, Scott and I have been spending our time working on our classes. We’re so excited with the direction we’re going in -- every day we think of something new to make it even better! We’re not sure when we’ll finally be able to launch the new-and-improved Voice Recording Bootcamp course (early 2017, perhaps?), but when we do, it will be amazing.