Wow, our first blog post!

Deborah Reeves and Scott Higby at the Voice Recording Bootcamp

Wow, our first blog post. We are so excited to be writing this! This website and this blog post are the culmination of nearly five years of effort. So, to officially introduce ourselves,

Hi, I’m Deb,

And I’m Scott,

From the Voice Recording Bootcamp. And today we are celebrating the launch of our website! Finally, a one-stop-shop to sign up for classes, learn about our services, and host our blog AND podcast!

This is a place where we’ll share tips, tricks, reviews, updates on hardware and software, class updates and announcements, and our advice and observations on working in the entertainment industry.

Our podcast is where we’ll share more anecdotal advice, observations, and our personal experiences with working in the audio industry. In our very first episode, we talk about why we started all this in the first place.

In addition to our classes, we’re launching a coaching program. Now you can schedule time with us if you have any questions about gear, technical issues, sound quality, editing techniques, and more. And if you’d like to work with us more 1 on 1, you can sign up for our monthly coaching program.

The goal of our classes, our website, our podcast, and this blog is to help you sound as good as you can and be successful in your voice recording endeavors. So, thank you for being here, for reading this, and for checking out the Voice Recording Bootcamp!